Frequently Asked Questions

Mobile Devices

To connect to the wireless network choose the getonlineuf wireless network, open your browser (it should open to ) and follow the instructions. You should then be connected to the Eduroam wireless network. Eduroam is widely available at most major universities and some airports including Gainesville Regional.

To enable GatorLink email on your phone follow the instructions here for your device:

All Faculty and Staff are allowed to install MS Office 365 on three personal devices, to get Office 365 go to:

Many cloud based programs are available for Faculty and Staff but PHI and HIPAA information is strictly prohibited from being placed in the cloud!

To access these programs click here:

VPN Software is available at

For Epic access you will have to install the Citrix Receiver program or app from https:\\

The server address to put in Citrix Reciever is:

10 Tips to make your Laptop Battery last longer

  1. Turn off Wi-Fi and BlueTooth – Most laptops have shortcut keys to instantly disable wireless networking.
  2. Don’t play computer games, music or DVD movies – Multimedia activities drain laptop batteries.
  3. Disconnect all external device like PC Card modems, Firewire, USB devices and optical drives. Use the notebook touchpad instead of an external mouse.
  4. Adjust your screen brightness – Dimming your display saves battery power.
  5. Tweak Windows Power Options – Choose a Laptop power scheme that turns off the notebook monitor and hard disk after 10 minutes of inactivity.
  6. Decrease or mute the Laptop Speaker Volume.
  7. Turn off all scheduled tasks.
  8. Turn off Auto-save features in Microsoft Office and other applications.
  9. If your PC has a built-in wireless card, turn it off or disable it when not in use.
  10. Programs that are run from a CD or DVD can be copied to and run from the hard drive, which typically consumes less power than an optical drive.

Battery-saving sleep modes: Should I use Stand By or Hibernate ?

Standby mode

Use standby to save power when you will be away from the computer for a short time while working – your monitor and hard disks turn off, all applications and open files are stored in RAM. When you want to use the computer again, it comes out of standby quickly, and your desktop is restored exactly as you left it.

Hibernation Mode

Use hibernation to save power when you will be away from the computer for an extended time while working – your computer shuts down to save power but first saves everything in memory on your hard disk. When you restart the computer, your desktop is restored exactly as you left it.

When you choose Start, Turn Off Computer in Windows 7, your options are Hibernate, Shut Down, Restart, Log Off and Switch User. To Hibernate, click on Hibernate.

*If you have questions or issues regarding Epic or phones, please contact the Shands Help at 273-7575 or by going  to:



Where do I call for help with Epic?

Please contact the UFHealth Help Desk at 265-0526.


How do I change my GatorLink password?

Go to . Click Access MyUFL, then choose Change Password link at the top of the page.

How do I forward my GatorLink mail to another address?

Forwarding email to an outside UF email address is not allowed at UFHealth.


What computer should I buy?

Before purchasing any computer or peripheral device, it is best to contact IT Support at to make sure the equipment will work on the network and/or be supported and to get advice for personal computers.


What do I do if my computer starts up in Safe Mode?

First, try rebooting, and if your computers doesn ’t start up normally, call Customer Support. It would be helpful if you first checked the Device Manager (right-click on the My Computer icon, then click on Manage, Device Manager; or click Start, Settings, Control Panel, System, Device Manager). Click the + in front of a category to see the devices in that category. When a device is not working properly, there is usually a yellow circle with an exclamation point in it or a red X through the icon.

How do I create a folder?

Right-click on the folder that you want it to be a subfolder of and choose: New à Folder; then replace the default name of “NewFolder” with your desired name.

Files on my Desktop disappeared. How do I get them back?

Sadly, if they are not in the Recycle Bin, they are probably gone for good. In the future, be sure to save any crucial files (anything you’d be upset about if you lost it) on your personal drive ( U: ). Then create a shortcut to it and place that on your Desktop for convenience.

If I deleted a file by mistake, can I get it back?

Perhaps. It depends on how much time has elapsed since the file was deleted. If the folder was on a local hard drive, it might be in the Recycle Bin, where you can right-click on it and Choose restore. If it’s on the network, it’s possible that System Administration can recover it from the backup tape. You’ll need to tell us the name of the file and the date of the nightly backup you want it recovered from.


My computer says it can ’t save a file because there ’s not enough disk space. How do I get more?

If you ’re trying to save to your local hard disk (drive C:), try saving to a network drive (e.g., U:) instead.

If you’ve deleted all unnecessary files (e.g., installation files for a program that you ’ve already installed, a new and better version of which can be downloaded if it needs reinstallation) and moved any little-used files to floppy disk, Zip disk, or compact disk, call IT Center Customer Support to request an increase in your quota.

What do I do if a program ’s not working right (errors, etc.) ?

You have two options. Either call us at 273-7575 or e-mail us at with a description of the problem. We’ll have someone help you.


How do I check my mail from home?

Go to the department’s website at and click ‘Outlook Web Access’ on the menu at the left. A box may open with a certificate warning. Depending on your browser, you will have to click either yes to proceed or tell it to accept the certificate. You will then be given the chance to login and view your mail.