An active training program since 1975, the University of Florida’s Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Training Program has prepared fellows for an academic career in Maternal-Fetal Medicine.

University of Florida Maternal-Fetal Medicine Fellowship Program Graduates: 1975-2019

NAME  END DATE Post Graduate Position City State
Marcella Rodriguez 2023 Private Practice Weston FL
Callie Reeder 2022 University of Tennessee Faculty Knoxville TN
Kendra Sylvester Armstrong 2021 Private Practice West Palm Beach FL
Kathryn Patrick 2019 Private Practice Gainesville FL
Jessica Poulin 2018 Private Practice NV
Anushka Chelliah 2017 Academic Houston TX
Oluseyi Ogunleye 2016 Academic Cincinnati OH
Kathryn Davidson 2015 Private Practice Asheville NC
Lorna Rodriguez 2011 Private Practice Arlington TX
Kathleen Mayor-Lynn 2009 Private Practice Nashville TN
Keri A. Baacke 2007 Private Practice Tampa FL
Whitney Jamie 2005 Private Practice Louisville KY
Rodney Edwards 2002 Academic Oklahoma City OK
Gregory Locksmith 1998 Academic Orlando FL
Cesar Rosa 1995 Private Practice Plantation FL
Denise Raynor 1994 Private Practice Atlanta GA
Mike Yancey 1993 Deceased
Steve Allen 1990 Private Practice Temple TX
Kevin Gomez 1988 Private Practice Atlanta GA
Don Willis 1985 Private Practice Tallahassee FL
Nancy Hardt 1983 UF Pathology Professor Emeritus Gainesville FL
William Quinlan 1980 Retired Jacksonville FL
Kenneth R. Kellner 1979 Deceased
Amelia Cruz 1975 Retired Gainesville  FL