Resident Research Day

Dr. Allen and Elizabeth Shevach Resident Research Day is held on the 1st Friday of April each year. At this event, 2nd-year residents present their Patient Safety and Quality Projects and 3rd-year residents present their Original Research Project. Each participant gives a brief overview of their project, and the audience has the opportunity to ask questions. Awards are given for the best Patient Safety and Quality Project and best Original Research Project. Residents are further encouraged to submit their final projects for presentation at meetings and publication.

2023 Patient Safety and Quality Presenters

Kelly Mamelson, MD

Tiffani-Amber Miller, MD, MPH

Areisa Peters, MD, MPH

Mary Beth Rhomberg, MD

2023 Original Research Presenters

Emily Allard-Phillips, MD

Brittany Heck, MD

Vasanti Jhaveri, MD

Erika Wert, MD

2023 Guest speaker

Anthony M. Vintzileos, M.D.

Dr. Anthony Vintzileos is a board-certified Maternal-Fetal Medicine Specialist from Northwell Health Western Region