Salaries and Benefits

Residency salaries reflect the regional average. They are augmented by a generous fringe benefit package, including single or family medical insurance, malpractice coverage, and life and disability insurance.

The annual stipends for 2014-15 are:

PGY 1:  $49,052

PGY 2:  $50,696

PGY 3$52,431

PGY 4$54,453

Vacation and Leave

Health Science Center regulations allow three weeks of personal leave each year for all residents. A parental leave policy has been developed that is consistent with the requirements of the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology. In addition, each PGY 2, 3 and 4 resident is permitted to attend an extramural postgraduate course during the year at departmental expense.

Fringe Benefits

Vacation Leave 15 working days/year
Sick leave 10 working days/year
Maternity/Paternity leave Up to 6 weeks
Meal vouchers Provided for all call days/nights
Health Insurance Single or family coverage with no deductible when care is provided within the UFHealth System
Life insurance $50,000 term life insurance policy
Accidental death benefit An additional $10,000
Disability insurance Monthly benefit equal to 60% of first $3,333 monthly salary, up to a maximum of $2,000/month
Professional liability insurance UF operates under the sovereign immunity doctrine, and residents are immune from civil liability resulting from alleged acts of malpractice

For more details on fringe benefits, please refer to the College of Medicine House Staff Fringe Benefits Program link: