Research Team to advance knowledge and clinical care and improve reproductive and women’s health

Study Team

User Experience

Deepthi Varma, PhD
Department of Epidemiology
College of Public Health and Professions & College of Medicine


Outcomes Assessment

Amie Goodin, PhD
Department of Pharmaceutical Outcomes and Policy
College of Pharmacy and the Center for Drug Evaluation and Safety (CoDES)


Rhea Parimoo

Department of Pediatrics ( Pediatric Research Hub)
Research Coordinator
Phone Number: (352)273 – 7562


Core Team: Cherish Paul, Chloe Tapanes, Lauren Agliano, Rhea Parimoo, Nayana Sojin, Jungjun Bae

Acknowledgments: Ilumivu, UF Health, Bh Impact

Special thanks to: Tianze Jiao, Matt Gurka, Xiaofei Chi, Laura Dervinis, Karam Dhillon, Sahar Kaleem, Mona Sayedul Huq