Required Assignments

Case Based Conferences (CBCs)

Case-Based Conferences (CBCs) are one of the educational mainstays of our clerkship. Historically, medical students have been very enthusiastic about this learning method. Rather than present information in a lecture format, we have small group sessions lead by faculty. The sessions are case-based and are designed to be interactive. Our goal as facilitators is to help you teach one another. We expect you to prepare for them and to be ready to discuss the cases and demonstrate clinical reasoning. The cases have been selected by using priority educational topics as designated by APGO’s Medical Student Educational Objectives, 9th Edition. The sessions typically occur every day at noon, and sometimes at 4:00pm.

  • You must access the CBCs through Studycore or Sharepoint:¬†

Skills and Achievements Form

The Skills and Achievements form is a list of skills and accomplishments we expect you to achieve during the clerkship. We recommend that you keep a copy in your white coat pocket at all times. As you achieve these skills or observe these procedures, you must have the supervising resident or faculty initial and date the form to certify your accomplishment or competency. Failure to complete all attainable activities may result in a lower evaluation for the procedural and/or professionalism competencies. Note: This information must be entered into your online patient logs. All procedures must be entered but you need to enter a supervisor’s name only once.

These are some useful definitions to understand the form:

  • Competency (Comp): When you have achieved competency, get certified once. This needs to be entered in your online patient log only once, along with the certifier’s name.
  • All: Get certified once, but record in your online patient log EVERY TIME.
  • Once: See it once and get certified. Enter in your online patient log only once, along with the certifier’s name.

Patient Logs

Record every encounter, real and simulated. CBCs count as case-based discussion. This information is for College of Medicine monitoring purposes only and will not affect your evaluation; however, Academic Honesty Guidelines require that you do this accurately.

Every encounter should be entered into New Innovations. Enter all required information. You need to enter a supervisor’s name at least once for each topic. For all others, just type N/A.



We strive to obtain a 360 degree evaluation of your performance in order to most accurately and fairly assess your performance during the clerkship. Therefore, you are expected to turn in paper evaluation forms to your educators when you are assigned to the following activities: ARNP clinics in Gainesville, Nurse Shadowing, Genetic Counseling in Gainesville. You should print the form before one of these assignments. Include the date, your name, your assignment, and your evaluator’s name. At the conclusion of the assignment, please give the evaluation form to your educator. They will fill out an evaluation and place it in a folder I have provided (Nurse Shadowing in Jacksonville will give you the evaluation to turn in when you return to Gainesville).