Robotic Surgery

Gynecologic surgeons at the University of Florida are proud to utilize the most advanced robotic technology in the world. Two da Vinci Si robotic systems are housed at Shands at UF and are used routinely for a myriad of gynecologic procedures such as hysterectomy, myomectomy, sacrocolpopexy and adnexal surgery. The da Vinci system provides superior 3-D quality visualization and magnification, along with the precision afforded with its unique wristed instruments. Robotic and minimally-invasive approaches offer significant benefits over traditional open surgery, such as less surgical blood loss, less scarring, less pain, better cosmetic results and faster recovery and return to regular activities. Most patients are able to leave the hospital within 24 hours.

Davinci Robotic Surgery Machine

Robotic surgery entails the use of small incisions to introduce miniature wristed instruments and a high-definition 3D camera. The surgeon sits at a nearby console, controlling the movements and actions of the miniature instruments inside of the pelvic cavity, while viewing a magnified 3D image of the target organs.”

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