Disorders of Pelvic Support and Urinary Incontinence

At the University of Florida Gynecology Clinic, we provide comprehensive, state of the art care for women with pelvic organ prolapse and urinary incontinence. When indicated, urodynamic testing is performed by our nurse practitioner, Patty McKey. Treatment options we offer for women with pelvic organ prolapse include non-surgical treatment with pessaries, vaginal surgical approaches, as well as laparoscopic and abdominal surgical approaches. For patients with urinary incontinence, we offer physical therapy as well as minimally invasive surgery with midurethral slings. We are comfortable with the management of complications related to the placement of mesh in the pelvic floor.

Residents on the Gynecology Service are exposed to a broad range of pelvic floor problems. During their residency they become comfortable with the diagnosis and management of such problems. Much of their education is obtained at the High-Risk Gynecology Clinic where they learn to place pessaries. They also become comfortable with vaginal and abdominal surgical approaches to treating pelvic organ prolapse as well as the placement of midurethral slings. The third-year resident works with Patty McKey once weekly and learns how to perform urodynamic studies.