ONC Weekly Schedule

Oncology (ONC2)

The ONC 2 should be focused on learning the basics of GYN oncology. This includes the different types of GYN cancers, their staging, and a general concept understanding of how to treat the cancers (what needs surgery vs chemotherapy). On the floor, the ONC 2 should understand basic to moderate complexities of post op care. They should be able to see oncology consults, gather pertinent history, and perform a basic pelvic exam. In terms of the OR, they should continue to build on benign GYN skills such as cystoscopies, hysteroscopies, and begin assisting on major abdominal surgeries such as robotic and debulking cases.

Oncology (ONC3)

The ONC 3 should continue to work on the building blocks acquired during their ONC 2 rotation. They should start to lead on taking care of complex inpatients requiring ICU care and guide the ONC 2 in management. They should begin being the primary surgeon in abdominal hysterectomies, other open cases, vulvectomies, CKCs. In clinic, they should be able to perform NEW patient encounters, pre-operative visits, office biopsies, post op wound care, and other complex patient situations.

Oncology (ONC4)

The ONC 4 should be able to continue building on the responsibilities and skills acquired in ONC 2 and 3. This person is primarily overseeing their co-residents and all GYN Oncology patient care spanning from the clinic visits to all admitted inpatients. Surgically, the ONC 4 will be the primary surgeon or teaching assistant in all cases and continue to work on complex surgical skills.


Robotic Training