Frequently Asked Questions: Interviews

Q: Do you follow the recommended guidelines from APGO/CREOG?

A: Yes. These recommendations can be found here.

Q: What are the rules concerning Match communications?

A: The National Resident Matching Program (NRMP) has established Match policy and Codes of Conduct governing communication between residency applicants and programs ( 

Pre-Interview Communication

Q: Do you accept pre-interview communication from, or on the behalf of, applicants? 

A: Yes, but we do not anticipate it will contribute to our selection process and plan to rely on program signaling.

Post-Interview Communication

Q: Do you accept thank you notes?

A: Thank you notes are welcome but certainly not necessary and will not impact an applicant’s ranking.

Q: Do you accept post-interview communication from, or on the behalf of, applicants?

A: Any post-interview communications will not impact an applicant’s ranking.

Q: Should an applicant expect to hear from my program after interview day?

A: No, we do not communicate with applicants after the interview day. The only exception would be to provide interviewed applicants with any updates or new items for their consideration.

Second Looks

We recognize that in-person second look visits may be important to applicants for a variety of reasons. In accordance with the NRMP Match Code of Conduct and the RRR Grant Team Project, our program is not able to offer second look visits. Whether an applicant visits or not will have no bearing on their rank order position.