Evaluate the Clerkship

On-line evaluations must be completed by 1 pm on Thursday the day before admission to the final examination. Please see the College of Medicine policy on evaluations. Failure to complete evaluations thoroughly and in a timely manner will be noted as a professional concern. In addition, it will be reflected in your Professionalism competency evaluation score and therefore may impact your final grade in the clerkship. Repeated failure to achieve the required completion rate will be brought to the attention of the Academic Status Committee.

We are constantly seeking ways to improve the clerkship and your feedback is very important to us. In order for your feedback to be valuable, please:

  • Base your evaluations and comments on your personal experience and not those of others.
  • Provide specific comments about the clerkship, residents, and faculty and phrase in a way that can be used to improve.
  • Follow the Golden Rule: Say to others what you would want to be said to you. Your evaluators, in turn, will apply the same rules when evaluating you.