OB Information

What the Residents Want You to Know: Obstetrics

(Written by the Residents)

Inpatient Service

While on the OB service, you will follow high-risk patients with the chief and third-year residents. High-risk patients are those who are:

1) Undelivered

2) Delivered but have serious medical problems

High-risk rounds with the residents start between 0615 and 0630, depending on the patient census and other service activities. We will meet you on unit 35 (Mother and Baby Unit) at the nurse’s station. You need to come in early enough to pre-round on your patients. You are expected to review their chart (most recent progress notes, vitals, labs) and to talk to nurses about events that occurred with your patient overnight as indicated for each patient’s care. (i.e., assessment should be appropriate for the clinical condition.). You are not required to see the patient prior to rounds as you will join us in the room for the physical exam when we round as a team. You are also not required to write notes or enter orders on your patients. You will be expected to present your patient on rounds. Presentations should be in the SOAP format.

On the high-risk service, continuing care by the same person is important, so the same student should follow the same patient throughout your time on the high-risk service. The only exception is the morning after you have been on call, you will not be required to attend morning rounds. You will be responsible for obtaining a copy of the high-risk Ob list from the overnight resident (2nd year) to find out if any patients have been admitted to the service overnight so that you may provide it to your colleagues rounding in the morning. These patients, including your high-risk patients, should be seen and presented by your colleagues for that day. You are responsible for letting your colleagues know in advance so they can see your patients for you on that day.

After rounds are completed, there is usually a conference between 7 am – 8 am

  • Mondays – Residents Core Lecture, Masterson Conference Room (N3-2)
  • Wednesdays – Neonatal conference, NICU Conference Room
  • Thursdays – MFM Fellow Conference, Masterson Conference Room (N3-2)
  • Fridays – Grand Rounds, Barron Conference Room (M-304)

Following conference, you are expected to attend board rounds every day between 8 am – 830am, and then proceed to your designated scheduled activity in the morning.

Mother-Baby Unit Nurses

MBU nurses are extremely competent in the care of high-risk obstetrical and neonatal patients. You will find them very helpful and an excellent resource. The lactation coordinator is a great source of information and assistance with breastfeeding problems. There is a Charge Nurse on each shift who you should contact with any questions or concerns.