Pre-Natal Diagnosis and Ultrasound (PNDC)

At the University of Florida, our Maternal-Fetal Medicine Faculty and Fellows function as a team alongside a genetics counselor and specialists from several pediatric and adult medical and surgical specialists. We provide routine screening, high level and targeted fetal ultrasound assessment. Screening and confirmatory fetal echocardiograms, cervical length assessment, genetic screening (first trimester screening for aneuploidy), genetic testing (chronic villous sampling or CVS and amniocentesis) and fetal procedures are offered in a friendly and caring environment. We pride ourselves on offering a comprehensive understanding of fetal abnormalities from etiology to prognosis and help you develop a management plan for your pregnancy that patients feel comfortable with.

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Genetic Counseling

At the University of Florida, we have a certified genetic counselor who assists families or individuals in dealing with genetic disorders and their implications to the baby during the pregnancy or to the individual prior to becoming pregnant. Our genetic counselor uses a team approach with our maternal-fetal medicine specialists in supporting families in their decision-making process and client management options. Our genetic counselor works to help the family or individual comprehend the information provided, and assists them in making the best possible adjustment to the implications of the disorder identified.

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