Low Risk Pregnancies

  • Sensitive, state-of-the-art prenatal care and childbirth
    We provide individualized care in partnership with the woman and her family to insure the most successful and personal outcome.
  • Skilled professionals providing mother and baby care
    A team of physicians and skilled staff are available to provide care for both routine and emergency conditions.
  • The teaching hospital advantage
    Care is given at a variety of locations of UF Health. Delivery is at UF Health Shands Hospital which is proud to be a teaching hospital. Medical knowledge changes rapidly and we are dedicated to provide the most up to date, evidence-based knowledge. This is facilitated by having a team of attending physicians, fellows, residents and students, rather than only one individual, provide care. Care is provided by the level of knowledge and skill appropriate for a problem.
  • Immediate expert care for unexpected complications
    Four obstetric and gynecologic professionals are available in the hospital 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer questions and care for any unexpected problems.
  • 24 hour anesthesiology coverage
    An anesthesiologist is also present in the labor and delivery unit at all times and would not have to be called in to provide a labor epidural or help with an emergency cesarean.
  • Routine obstetric ultrasound
    We believe all pregnant women should have the benefit of an ultrasound examination. Because of the specialized training and experience of our physicians and sonographers , we are expert in spotting problems with a pregnancy. We are happy to record your exam for you (bring a DVD + R or DVD + RW disk).
  • Genetic screening
    Many genetic problems can occur in women with no risk factors. For this reason, we provide the full range of genetic screening tests for low and high-risk women.