IT Support

The following resources are for internal staff members only. Included are links to information and tools that will help staff members acquire, use, and secure the Department’s IT infrastructure and assets.

Client / User Responsibilities

Our users are expected to maintain a basic level of security on their computers as well as refraining from activities that will result in unnecessary maintenance. This is to prevent security violations and problems that can be easily avoided. This includes:

  • Storing data on the network, NOT the desktop
  • Locking or logging off of his/her workstation when it is not in use
  • Maintaining secure passwords that are not shared
  • Following HIPAA standards for patient confidentiality
  • Not downloading or installing spyware or other unapproved programs which may cause system instability
  • Promptly reporting any problems to the Help Desk that may be experienced with a computer system


OB/GYN IT Support
(352) 273-7575
Email: obg-help @

UF IT Support
(352) 392-4357

Shands IT Support
(352) 265-0526