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OB Student Schedules and Information

What the Residents Want You to Know: Obstetrics

(Written by the Residents)

Guidelines for Obstetric Call and Weekends

You are no longer a passive learner and are responsible for patient care! You are a member of the team; everyone should work together to help each other learn and look good.

Do not be late. As the OB schedule is currently in flux, make sure you ask every day what time you should arrive and what you should be prepared to do. If you are on call on Saturday or Sunday, you should arrive for board turnover at 8 am. You do not need to round on the weekends before your shift begins.

Your responsibility is to follow laboring patients and write notes on them approximately every two hours. You will also need to write notes on any sick or new patients every 2 hours. Do NOT write anything you think needs to be discussed with a resident first ( ie- chest pain, DVT, etc). Certainly, if you have a concern about a patient, bring it to the resident’s attention immediately.

Unfortunately, at the beginning of the year, your ability to get vaginal deliveries is somewhat limited because our interns are just starting and they have priority for the deliveries. We do the best we can, but if there are a lot of deliveries and things are busy, you can follow an upper-level resident (as you will have a better chance to deliver a baby).

You will scrub on all the C-sections as an assistant. Come straight to L&D when you are called and make sure you leave your name and phone number on the dry erase board on L&D.

Read, read, read. We will ask you questions and expect you to know the answers to basic questions especially after the 1st week on the service. Learn about the fetal heart tracings, labor, and anatomy!

During the day and night, if you want to be involved, you need to be around. Try to anticipate work that needs to be done. If you know a patient is close to delivery, do not leave the floor. Sleep when you can and set your alarm and get up every 2 hours for notes. We cannot always take the time to call you for deliveries. You must show initiative.

As the service is currently in flux, ask your residents which patients you should round on and what time you should start when you are post call. Bandages may be removed on POD #1.

The more enthusiasm, interest, and initiative you show, the more you will get to do, the more people will want to teach you, and the more fun you will have. We like team players, students who dress appropriately, behave professionally, read, show interest, and work hard.

Guidelines for Obstetrics Days

You are an integral member of the OB Service. We like team players and hard workers!

You are expected to read and be able to answer questions about the common obstetric conditions you encounter. Questions are always welcome (at appropriate times) as we love to know you are interested.

There are learning conferences that you are expected to attend that are for both the students and residents. The dates and times of these conferences are currently in flux, so make sure you ask the residents where you should be and at what time. The rounding system, times, and note writing are all being re-developed currently. The location of the postpartum patients and some antepartum patients will be changing soon. You must make sure you are communicating regularly with your team so you know what is expected.

The number of patients will be different each day, but all patients should have a note written. We plan to have you round along with the residents (in other words, no need to “pre-round.”) If there are patients that will be there a long time it is nice to have the same student round on them daily in order to develop a rapport. You should be prepared to write a note in EPIC if asked and to present the patient to the attending if asked.

The High-Risk OB (HROB) service is currently comprised of all the antepartum patients, the post-partum private patients and the post-partum patients with complex medical conditions (stroke, MI, PE, IDDM). There is a sticker code for each patient on the MBU (mom baby unit) that should help you discern. If you are ever not sure, please ask the clerk or charge nurse on the unit.

Afternoon rounds are completed when the MFM attending is available therefore this is variable and you will not be expected to be present. No notes or rounding needs to be completed by students for the afternoon.