Active Research

3rd year Fellow: Anushka Chelliah, MD

Mark Atkinson, Ph.D.
Clive Wasserfall MSc.
Anthony Gregg MD

University of Florida Diabetes Institute

Induced insulin production may occur during pregnancy within the Type I Diabetic Population.

Brief Description:
Using blood, urine and placental tissue harvested from patients with and without diabetes, Dr. Chelliah aims to characterize insulin synthesis and metabolism by evaluating markers of insulin production throughout pregnancy.

2nd year Fellow: Jessica R. Jackson, MD, MS

Mentor: Todd Brusko, Ph.D.

University of Diabetes Institute

Peripheral Immune Defects in Preeclampsia

Immunologic role of  t regulatory cells in preeclampsia

1st year Fellow: Kathryn E. Patrick, MD

Mentor: TBD

Hypothesis: TBD